Although nothing is set in stone, this is an approximation of where we hope to go, and where we should end up.

Planned route, although who knows where we might end up?


5 Responses to “Our route”

  1. Col said

    Being a map person. Maybe you can set up a personalised google map, on which you can plot your route in detail – overlaid onto the satellite photos. Then we’d be able to get a real feel for exactly the type of terrain you’re crossing. You can also add geotagged photos using picasa.

    Anyway – whether you do it or not, have a wonderful trip.


  2. Wayne Fleming said

    Happy Birthday for 28th September.

  3. Nats x x x said

    Hi lovely’s, I have finally got round to looking at your website! Looking at your map – does that mean your not coming back to the UK, hmm?
    Loving the website – very professional, I’m impressed!
    Hope you got my text on your birthday boldrick? Fab pictures! Sean you really should let Luce drive – did the truck tip over because of too much weight on the drivers side perhaps? he, he ,he, lucky no damage occurred, love you loads, look after each other, love Nats x x x

  4. Paul Francis said

    Lucie, you cannot possibly let Sean drive all that way. The man has the awareness of a roadkill hedgehog. Keep well. Paul and Lou xxx

  5. Robbie said

    Re Castaway at the Beach Crab

    Long shots of Sean are better!!

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