Sean & I are in our early 40’s and live in Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire in the UK.  Since we met 12 years ago we’ve loved travelling together and have taken longish holidays in Belize, North and South India, Sri Lanka, and have been to Tanzania twice, Botswana, and S. Africa. 

Rajastan tour 2006

Rajastan tour 2006

Sean has also spent a long month in Australia in January ’08 and a few years ago undertook a month long FGASA training course in S. Africa, learning the basics of being a game ranger. 

Working out the opposition in Corbett National Park, India

Working out the opposition in Corbett National Park, India

Sean has worked as a (very excellent) plasterer all his life, and I have been in sales forever, until June this year, when I got fed up with working, and decided that a big adventure was called for.  I’d thought about making this trip when I was at Uni, working out a route with a boy called Todd, at my freind Ben’s house in the red light district of Southampton.  As you do.

I mean frankly is it any wonder I left??

Another hard day in the office

Another hard day in the office

So, after an indecently short period of soul searching we arrived at the decision to drive under our own steam to Cape Town, via most of East Africa, and bought Elsie, our Land Cruiser in May.  Elsie has her own page – take a look here.

45 Responses to “About us”

  1. Gary Francis said

    Good riddance to bad rubbish I say

  2. Flea said

    To coin a phrase Sean uses a lot, I think what you are doing is “Ace!”

    Good for you.

    Lots of love and happy experiences!


  3. luciet said

    A word from the corporate sponsor: that £5 has got to last you all year, you know.

  4. luciet said

    Ooh Carrie Bedingfield, now you’ve torn it – it looks like I’m sponsoring myself XX

  5. The Duke of Dudley said

    See you in a couple or three months with some hair dye and some cider!!

    Don’t come knocking when the Landcruisers rocking!

  6. Jane Burdekin (Smith) said

    Hi Sean and Lucie,
    Lucie, we’ve never met. I’m Sean’s cousin.

    I want to wish the pair of you a safe trip. Have the best time ever. Sean – you behave yourself and leave the natives alone.

    Will follow your adventures avidly.

    Loads of love

    Jane xxxxx

  7. Wayne Fleming said

    You know when the time comes you will turn to Lucie and say,Wayne was right we should have got an uzi! He! He! Good luck!
    Your better looking than you, brother,

  8. Ingrid said

    Hey there, Lucie & Sean!

    What a superb site and source of entertainment for us less adventerous Henley-ites! Glad all is safe and well for you both. Happy travelling!


    Ingrid X

  9. happy birthday sean pierre, hope you are both having a fantastic time. im in ireland at the moment and sammyjo is typing this, they all send their love and birthday wishes. speak to you soon love you lots mum and john xxx
    ps im soo excited for you both !!!

  10. Crystal said

    Hey guys!!

    Loving reading the updates on your site, hope Elsie is treating you well and you’re not punching out annoying authority figures at border crossings yet!!

    Keep it real, love you lots

    Crystal xxx

  11. Crystal said

    …. and sean – early 40s??? Ha ha hardy ha!! Sx

  12. luciet said

    I will have you know Miss Astbury, that SPF is still, technically, early 40s. XX

  13. lyn -adrian said

    Hi hope all is going well, just to let youy know we arrived home nearly in one piece, on tues eve will be in touch soon Lyn – Adrian
    PS be careful with the scrumping

  14. Ingrid said

    Your travel log continues to please and inspire! But roof top beers and parties? Wicked! Was Sean suffering with a fermented apple head? Hmmm…
    Whoops! Thankfully, you chose a Landcruiser though… Way to go, Elsie!
    Keep safe and happy!
    Love Ingrid X

  15. Annabel and Ioan said

    Hope you are both having the most amazing time – so very jealous! Elsie looks as if she is doing you proud. The boys love looking at your site to see where you are and what adventures you have had. All good in dusty Dubai – shame you couldn’t take a little!!!!! detour…… Love to you both, stay safe. Love Annabel, Ioan and the boys xxxxxxxx

  16. ALEX and SIDNEY said

    COOL VIDEOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. ALEX and SIDNEY said


    LOTS OF LOVE!!!!!!


  18. luciet said

    Hi Alex & Siddi, I’m glad you like the videos – shall I stop Uncle Sean from driving?
    Lots of love to you XXX

  19. Meg & Gav said

    Wonderful to see you both enjoying your adventure of a lifetime. Hysterical video of your erm…”parking”. Hope you had a Happy B’Day Flemo. Gav and I just got back from our hols in Egypt – hope Elsie is still in one piece after driving in Cairo…hell!! Coolest news – our Leigh is engaged – so you’ll be coming home to one hell of a party. Love you both, miss you. M & G xx

  20. SID AND VIC said



  21. SID AND margo said

    hi gy,s from SID 🙂

  22. Elaine said

    Hey guys, sorry for delay you can get all that distance but BT can’t get broadband to my house!!! 🙂
    The trip looks fantastic very jealous but blogs etc doing a great job of keeping us entertained. My adventure has started,now all moved into the Grove and loving it but probably good thing you are long distance away my liver is struggling thanks to Ingrid don’t think i could survive you guys 2 Stay safe lots of love Elaine xxx

  23. Hugo said

    Hey you Puppy Dawgs!

    You’re not missing a thing back here…

    Apparently, Nigel at The Three Horseshoes managed to broker a deal and has sold England to some Icelandic dudes who promised credit crunch lost savings back, so I think you should extend your tour for another three years whilst we get things sorted back here!

    Reading your tales just makes me want to jump in my LandCruiser, with my Dick Dastardly Whacky Races outfit on and race after you to give back a half-used lighter that Sean left in my house not so long ago!

    Anyway, just converting my LandCruiser to run on cider instead of diesel!!!

    Lots of big bad love, Hugo X

  24. Rod and Mandy said

    Finally caught up with you – but as it is now 13th Nov, presume you are lost in Sudan……..

    Mandy & Rod

  25. richard leedham said

    guys- love the blog from ethiopia- we want some baboons here. in fact we have some, here is one of them- Sid: hi 🙂 i like the pictures of baboons. i have a cold 😦 love sid

    hugga wugga!


  26. The Duke of Dudley said


    Don’t fret, you’re perfectly safe when Sean has a gun.


    Take the safety catch off, there’s mummy’s little soldier!!

    Toodlepip X

  27. Wayne Fleming said

    Is that an A-K47 I spy ?
    Bet Lucy wont let you have bullets,remember if it moves shoot it Rambo!He He He.

  28. Vic and SID said

    :* love you :* antie lucie.

    :* :*.

  29. Harrie and Margriet said

    Hi Sean and Lucy,

    Perhaps you remember: we are that Dutch couple who joined you on the “not so splendid” boat to Tunisia, and the night from hell at Sidi Al El Mekki.

    Unfortunately our holiday has ended, but we have good memories to our trip in Tunisia. We could have met each other again at Jerba as well as the beautiful spot Ksar Ghilane, as we visited these places too.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip. We will follow you till you have reached South Africa. We love to read about your adventures and see your videos.
    Good luck!

    Harrie and Margriet

  30. luciet said

    Hi Harrie & Margriet

    I’m so pleased that you remembered to look us up!! I hope you enjoyed Tunisia, I can thoroughly recommend keeping going South, as you can probably tell we’re having a great time.

    Best wishes

    Sean & Lucie

  31. Sid said

    HI GUYS!

    hope you are having a fantastic time in


  32. Sid said


  33. Paul Close said

    Merry Christmas you two!

    May your meanderings be maaarvelous in 2009!

    Best, Paul Close

    (The Snakebox Odyssey – I was the one at Jungle Junction on the Chinese 150 scrambler fresh out of the Congo!)

  34. Robbie & Helen said

    Looking good guys!

    This has to be cheaper than texting!

    luving you bodies
    Robbie & Helen

  35. Tim Verran said

    Just heard about your trip, so I thought while you are out there you can organise a rugby tour in central Africa. The town has to have a bar.

    Good luck

  36. luciet said

    Hi Paul, good to hear from you, hope the Odyssey is complete! Happy New Year to you too, looking forward to news of the Exhib – Winchester??

    Bests, Lucie & Sean

  37. elaine ince said

    Happy New Year guys, looks like you’re having great fun even with Lucie’s moaning about the endless sun and sand – you poor things. Fingers crossed for poor old Elsie. Have fun stay safe love Elaine
    p.s. Couldn’t drink the Sloe Gin this christmas after helping you guys finish off your drinks cupboard at 4am when you left Harpsden ;-))

  38. wayne fleming said

    Sean there’s a black man in the Whitehouse!
    Turkeys got a bird.(moving in)
    Dicks found his real mum.(She’s Welsh and looks just like him)He’s got two new sisters.
    Lesley and Grant have split up.
    Eveys had an op on his back,went wrong had to have another.
    It was -6 last night.
    Happy New Year!

  39. Adam Lombardo said

    Sean & Lucie-
    As Jodi & I arrived back in Chicago exactly a month ago, It’s clearly taken longer to get in touch with you than we expected. Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed meeting you at Kichwa Tembo. Sean, we should have tagged along with you for that last game drive before we left. At some point, I’d love to see some of your other shots of the lion/warthog “encounter.” Drop a line when you get settled somewhere, or when you finally make it home.

    Safe travels,


  40. elaine ince said

    Can you stop using such big words in your descriptions i’ve no idea what your on about half the time :-)xx
    Glad you are all okay and Sean got rid of his tick,lol.
    Sorry about tenants noticed they were packing up assumed you were on way back.
    Lap dancing bar now open HOT gets classier by the day but we are getting a Raymond Blanc cake shop to even it out a bit! Can’t wait to see you guys again but also want you to keep travelling so i can to from my sofa. Stay safe love Elaine xx

  41. Mel & Haydyn said

    Hello you two, I can’t believe you have reached the Cape already. Your stories have been brilliant – I see another career on the horizon Lucy!! Anyway don’t rush back to the dizzy heights of Henley, I think you are in the best place!!
    Take care
    Love M & H XX

  42. luciet said

    Hi, we’ll be happy to stay out here for as long as you want, just let me know how much you’d like to donate and I’ll let you know which account to forward it to!! Lots of love to all in Henley, we’ll be back in a couple of weeks so brace yourselves. Tell Nigel to get the Strongbow order sorted. XXXX

  43. Paul Close said

    Hi Guys

    Glad to hear all is good! The Snakebox Odyssey exhibition is on at the Link Gallery, Winchester (part of the University of Winchester) for the whole of July and the first half of August. Also overlaps the Winchester Festival so a good reason to get there and have a few pints! Also got Richard Leakey to write the Foreword for the book! Speak soon.. Paul

  44. Hi Guys,
    Good to see you are back safe and sound in the UK.
    Just wondering who you ended up shipping elsie with. Would be great if you could write us a quick email with the details.
    Louise and Milan

  45. Piotr Kieronczyk said

    Hey!!! I found you!!! So cool 🙂 My email : XXXX My phone number XXXX It would be great to hear your story! Weekend in Poland??? 🙂 Get back to me asap. Piotr

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