Oh, for adult supervision….

November 20, 2008

Some of you may have noticed some discrepancy in the timeline of my latest posts.  I’m very sorry for any confusion caused, and no, we haven’t returned to Sudan via the Sheraton..  This is purely down to my forgetting to press the ‘Publish’ button.   If there is anyone out there who knows WordPress, and can tidy up this blog please get in touch! ;-(

PS hoping to cross Kenyan border tomorrow, we are both in very fine form, hale and hearty.  Update and new ‘Bad Parking’ episode to follow shortly!

3 Responses to “Oh, for adult supervision….”

  1. Vic said

    You’re messig with my map pins and red wool horribly but it’s lovely to hear you’re having such a fantastic time. Keep having a fantastic time and WHAT WAS SEAN DOING WITH THAT GUN???? Might as well give one to Hugo!

    Big love

  2. Anne and Bill said

    Your having far too good a time, stop it immediately! Bill thinks you want to be kept informed of news of your Godson!!!!! He’s fine and loving his rugby. I’m missing you but glad I don’t have to drink ethiopian wine, you are truely desperate but so would we all be. we’re just opening a rather lovely 2004 Frux Frugis Shiraz. It’s rather lovely!!!!
    xxxxxAnne and Bill

  3. quimf said

    hello love you hugga wugga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :*

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