McWifi – we’re lovin’ it

October 19, 2008

Thursday 16th October

This morning we head South passing through the Black Desert and then into the White Desert.  No prizes for imaginative naming around here.  The Black Desert does exactly what it says on the tin, it’s left overs from eroded mountains, and looks like hundreds of mini volcanoes.  It’s not especially appealing or photogenic, so we press on to its more glam neighbour, the White Desert.




Mmm, Mr Whippy anyone?

Mmm, Mr Whippy anyone?

In contrast (obviously) the White Desert is stunning.  We found ourselves surrounded by huge, blindingly white rocks, eroded into bizarre shapes by the constant wind.  We ventured a short distance off the road, and had a wander around.  Completely alone, we could have been on another planet. 




Elsie, Queen of the Desert

Elsie, Queen of the Desert


We planned to bush camp and tried to find a track, taking us away from the ‘Desert Safari’ tour groups.  This proved harder than we imagined and almost immediately we got bogged down.  Our 4×4 training had not included sand and boy, did we make that obvious!!  The waffle boards got their second outing, and Elsie was freed with minimum fuss.  We soon found a solid enough piste and about 2km from the road found the most perfect setting.





This is what we call exclusive!

This is what we call exclusive!



Setting up camp here and cooking a curry as the stars came out was heavenly.  Later, the moon appeared, waning, but still huge and bright orange as it rose up through the dust.  It was a perfect night. 


My top places to sleep ever in chronological order:

  • Bush camp in Selous, Tanzania
  • Glovers Reef, Belize
  • Ras Mohammed National Park, Sinai
  • White Desert, Egypt.
    Morning at the Hotel du Van

    Morning at the Hotel du Van

    Friday 17th October





Stayed overnight in Al Khargha, a pointless place, it’s only claim to fame was that it was once a place of banishment.  Our hotel was overpriced and notable only for the creepy little pervert who I caught looking through the bathroom window as I was getting into the shower.   

Saturday 18th October

We’re now safely ensconced in Rezieky Camp, Luxor where the 5.30 call to prayer is just kicking off.  They have all mod cons here such as a washing machine so we’re taking full advantage while we enjoy some cold ‘Luxor Classic’ beer. We can’t shake the Italian convoy of 14 camper vans though, and are thoroughly outnumbered.  They are all retirees, and have just hung out all their washing, so we’re surrounded by big flapping pants. 

Sean narrowly avoided squashing 3 eejitian teenagers who slid across the road in front of us on their motorbike.  The 2 that were able to legged it pursued by the police, whilst the other one lay in the road.  Fortunately it was right outside the hospital, so he’ll probably be OK.

There are 3 puppies here and we’ve named them Clarkson, May and Hamster.

3 Responses to “McWifi – we’re lovin’ it”

  1. alan said

    Greetings from Scotch-landia!
    Glad I was wrong about the need for a second satnav 😉
    Will keep a close eye on yer progress…..
    Keeeep Onnnn Truckin!

  2. Stevey baby said

    I can see lucie’s breats in the horizon!

  3. luciet said

    Aw, Steve I knew you’d miss me. You need to work on that spelling though XXX

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