Hello and welcome!

July 24, 2008

Thanks for visiting, and welcome to our Big African Adventure.  Please bookmark us, keep coming back!     Over the next few weeks this blog will start to take shape as I add pages, background information, pictures and, quite possibly making embarrassing errors as I get to grips with the technology and we get closer and closer to our planned departure date of 13th September 08.

In brief, Sean & I are leaving our cushy lives in Henley on Thames, chucking the bare essentials into the back of our Land Cruiser, Elsie, and driving to Cape Town, starting here.  Watch this space!

12 Responses to “Hello and welcome!”

  1. Liz said

    How exciting! Best of luck with it all and keep us posted on your adventures 🙂 xx

  2. Nigel M-M said

    You’re f**cking BONKERS!
    Good luck, I’m Green with envy (Naturally).

  3. Jeff Woad said

    They’re going where? eh? sorry?

    What are they saying? let me turn this bladdy hearing aid up. Weeee-eeee–eeeee-eeee

    Good riddance to bad rubbish!!

  4. george h said

    I will be watching this with huge interest!! If anybody can do this trip you two certainly can! Loads of love and best wishes x x

  5. Guru said

    What an awesome trip. Of course it will be filled with the extraordinary and i look forward to every bit of it.
    Go hard

  6. mark maidment said

    watch out for honey badgers.and would you please bring me back one of those pygmies?as they make great candlestick holders..

  7. Bill and Anne said

    I’m so excited for you and you haven’t even gone anywhere yet!
    Excellent site! Joe just looked at your picture and said “hey I know those guys, what are they doing in there, are they famous?”
    All our love Bill, Anne and the off spring.
    PS can you buy cider in Africa?

  8. sean & lucie
    good luck to you both dont feed him to the lions when youve had enough keep us posted safe traveling see you when you get back

    the whities xx

  9. caro said

    Sorry I didn’t get to see you before you went. No-one told me what time you were going etc – o well have a wonderful time – speak soon. Lots of love

  10. Howard said

    I’m watching with interest, it makes Viareggio look a touch tame! Don’t run over any camels!

    Big H.

  11. ma said

    Love the blog, keep it up lots of love Maxx

  12. evy said

    Hi Sean an Luce, looks absolutely superb trip , hope you are both enjoying yourselves . Hope you have a safe an healthy trip ..take care
    Evy ….. ps sean i think you best let lucy do the driving from what ive seen lol ….

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